Kick About in the Source SDK

Well I've had my first kickabout in the Source SDK today, it's been reasonably enjoyable but I think the documentation is still not quite there. I think the most amusing thing I found was the BULLET_IMPULSE_EXAGGERATION in hl2_gamerules.cpp which basically gives the cinematic item knock back feel based on things being shot. I changed it from the reasonable 3.5 to 35 which was just really to check that the change was made, thing were flying about in no time.

I haven't really started playing about with actually modding yet. I'm hoping to at some stage soon though.

I'm interested it trying out the flare grenade that used to be part of the assult rifle but was removed later (they now have that bouncy ball weapon on it). The code appears to be there, and the model was probably nearly finished. You can see it in action in hl2-tunnels.exe available from 3D Gamers.

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