Well in follow-up to the video about the PSP attempting to take over the world. The Register report that Sony have confirmed a European release date for the PSP of the 1st of September. It's so long away, I don't know if I can wait that long.



Final Fantasy: PSP

I saw this funny (in a super-game-geek way) evil PSP Final Fantasy VI flash movie. It was on Penny Arcade which I imagine must be drawing a lot more traffic to it than I could ever dream of. Anyway if you are a game geek then I think you'll derive some enjoyment out of it. I certainly did.


Progress in NWN

I've decided to have another go at modding in NWN. I'm trying to build a Cthulhu: Dark Ages mod. My first step is to remove the Races except Human and have a go at restricting the classes and maybe making some new ones. From there the sanity system. Hopefully by then I'll have a couple of people who are interested in having a go at creating more Lovecraft like models for the game.

Anyway I've started by trying to get up to speed with the development tools. If anyone is intersted in such a development drop a comment.


So Many Games, So Little Time

I'm amazed at the quality of games currently coming out and the line up of games coming out in the near future. There's Jade Empire which I'm very much looking forward to; though I was a bit annoyed that we have to pay about £5 more for the Limited Edition which is free with pre-orders in America. I've also just recently heard about the Half-Life 2 expansion pack.

One day soon I'll actually talk about the developments that I'm involved with rather than just what I'm playing and what is coming out.